These general terms of business constitute an additional element for an order with VISION AG for orders that are effected via the internet.



Insofar as nothing different is agreed, supplies shall be in accordance with the presented sample or model and the description of it. Deviations in structure, colour and the finish shall be acceptable as well as incorrect information due to technical errors on our online shop.


Liability and applicable law

We shall accept no liability for loss or damage that we have not been able to influence. In the case of any loss or damage, which occurs due to the dispatch and use of the products which we could have prevented, we shall accept maximum liability of the invoice amount for the product. However, the maximum loss or damage amount in each case shall be limited to CHF 10,000. The consent of both parties shall be required for offsetting of amounts owed. In the case of complaint or loss or damage, both parties undertake in the first instance to make direct contact and to exhaust all possibilities for arbitration before taking court action. Swiss law shall apply.


Periods of delivery

We shall supply our goods in accordance with product descriptions within the stated delivery periods. Exceptions for which we are not responsible shall be excluded from this delivery-period commitment.
- delivery item - upon request
- article for collection - you can normally collect the article from our store right after getting written confirmation from


Geographical application of our prices and offers

All prices are stated exclusive of VAT for supply prices and despatch charges. Our offers shall be applicable in Switzerland. The supply prices and despatch charges shall apply for orders placed including delivery.


Complaints and guarantee

Complaints must be made within 10 days after receipt of the goods. Defects that occur later or which are discovered during the guarantee period must be notified in writing immediately when they are discovered. Our products normally have a guarantee certificate with the purchase contract which you receive in advance or with the delivery. However, if this guarantee certificate is missing, there shall be a guarantee for one month. There is only a guarantee for any defects in the construction and in the materials. Loss or damage caused by wear and tear, aging and improper handling shall be excluded from the guarantee. The guarantee shall cease if products are still processed or altered by the purchaser despite recognisable defects. Defects shall be rectified by VISION AG free of charge within the framework of the guarantee unless they prefer to render replacement by fault-free goods. Further claims shall be excluded.



Returns shall be accepted only within 10 days after receipt by the customer. We shall accept products in the spheres of support materials and consumable materials if the original packing is unopened. The purchase price shall be reimbursed if the goods are in the original packing and unused.



The following pre-payment modalities shall apply:
Bank transfer or credit card.


Time of placement of order and ownership

The contract between you and VISION AG shall come into existence on the day on which you as a customer accept our general terms of business and place an order definitively on our online shop. As confirmation and with correct information you shall receive a PDF by e-mail with your order. The goods shall remain the property of VISION AG until full payment of the purchase price has been made. VISION AG shall be entitled to have the entry made in the register of reservations of ownership at the cost of the purchaser insofar as VISION AG believes the debt to be jeopardised.